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Why Vote YES?

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The Lisbon Treaty is not a vote on our government.  It is about how we see Ireland's place and influence within the European Union.  It is a vote on our future.  It is a vote that will affect the view of Ireland globally.


  • Lisbon is good for democracy - it will give greater power to our directly elected MEPs and greater power to our National Governments.
  • Lisbon will bring greater accountability to the Council of Ministers.
  • Lisbon will enhance frameworks to deal with cross border crime such as human trafficking and drug smuggling.
  • Lisbon will enshrine our rights in the Charter of Fundamental Rights.
  • Lisbon enhances the EU's ability to continue as the the world's leading donor of aid to developing countries.
We, along with our European Partners have built a Union with an ethos of peace, prosperity and equality.  Let's keep building and give ourselves the opportunity to face the future as a strong influencing member of this unique economic and social partnership.  Voting YES gives us this opportunity.